, | Storrs, CT, USA | Learning | April 21, 2013

(We are going to have a quiz in journalism class about AP Style and one of the questions is whether Wikipedia is or is not an acceptable source for articles. We have been given the questions, but not the answers, in advance. This happens before class starts.)

Me: “Happy birthday, [professor].”

Professor: “It’s not my birthday, but thanks.”

Me: “Well, your Wikipedia article says it’s your birthday.”

Professor: “Well, that’s why Wikipedia is not a reliable source for your articles.”

Other Student: “Thanks for giving us one of the quiz answers, [professor]!”

Professor: “Oops. Oh well. Now you all should get at least one point…”

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Going Cold Turkey On Math Can Solve Many Problems

, , | USA | Learning | April 20, 2013

(It is the last meeting of the discussion section of our math class before Thanksgiving Break. Class has just ended and people are packing up.)

Me: “This time next week, we’re going to be having fun!”

Teacher’s Assistant: “Yeah, we’re going to be doing fun math problems!”

Me: “You can come if you want to, but we aren’t going to.”

Teacher’s Assistant: “Excuse me? Are you planning to skip?”

Other Student Walking Out: “Happy Thanksgiving, [Teacher’s Assistant]!”

Teacher’s Assistant: “Oh, I forgot. It’s Thanksgiving Break next week. Sorry!”

Filling Up On Logic

, | Alberta, Canada | Learning | April 20, 2013

(I work part-time as a clerk in a small store while I was in university where I can study when it’s not busy. I’m reading a logic textbook one afternoon when a customer comes up to the till.)

Customer: “Logic! that looks interesting!”

Me: “Yes, I enjoy it but it isn’t enough to make a career out of, unfortunately.”

Customer: “That’s not true! My brother has a PhD in phenomenology and he was the best fit of all of our siblings to take over my father’s gas station!”

Romulus & Dufus

| Poughkeepsie, NY, USA | Learning | April 19, 2013

(We are playing a game modeled after a game show on TV to go over material for our history class.)

Teacher: “Okay, here’s the question: What people lived in the Roman Empire before the Romans?”

Ditzy Student: “Italians!”

Tolerating Intolerance Can Be Intolerable

, | USA | Learning | April 19, 2013

(The professor has just finished a lecture involving the vanara, a race of monkey-like semi-divine beings in an Indian religion. One student is frowning and clearly upset.)

Professor: “Ah, [student]? Do you have a question?”

Student: “I don’t know. Do people, like, actually believe in this stuff?”

Professor: “…What?”

Student: “I mean, it’s so ridiculous! People don’t actually believe this is real, right? So stupid.”

Professor: “Well, all right. You’re a Christian, aren’t you?”

Student: *proudly* “Yes, I am!”

Professor: “Do you interpret the Bible literally?”

Student: “Of course I do!”

Professor: “Well, there are plenty of things in the Bible that seem ridiculous or impossible as well, and yet you believe in those. I think it’s a little unfair to treat Hinduism — or Hindus — any differently.”

Student: “That’s completely different!”

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