How To Pass Your OWLS

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Learning | July 18, 2013

(I am helping with a drama class of 5th graders. They are brainstorming ideas for a skit.)

Kid #1: “We could do something… like… Harry Potter?”

Teacher: “Okay, I’ll write that down.”

Kid #2: “Hey, [teacher’s assistant], you look like Draco Malfoy!”

(The kids laugh.)

Teacher’s Assistant: “MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS!”

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A Finished Thesis

| Learning | July 18, 2013

Chip Off The Old Climbing Block

| UK | Learning | July 18, 2013

(I’m an assistant leader at a youth group with kids aged six to eight. We’ve taken them to use a climbing wall, which is at the school I used to attend. One of the kids asks to use the toilet, and I offer to take her. I’m 22, and I left that school when I was 18.)

Kid: “How come you know where the toilets are?”

Me: “Because I went to school here.”

Kid: “Yeah, but how do you remember?”

Me: “It wasn’t that long ago!”

Kid: “But I thought you were old…”

Married To A Bad Idea

, | The Netherlands | Learning | July 18, 2013

(A girl in my year comes up to talk to me in the library.)

Girl: “So, we don’t really know one another, but I need to tell you about the party, and you should have joined the student society, and—”

Me: “Sorry. Look. We have a test in three days. Please let me read.”

Girl: “Why? You’re always reading.”

Me: “I’m thinking about going for a research masters, and to do that, I need average of 7.5. So I need to study. Please let me.”

Girl: “LIAR!”

Me: “What?”

Girl: “The only reason any woman goes to university is to get a husband with an education; they earn more! You don’t need a good average, no woman does!”

Me: “…”

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Drawn To The Teacher

| Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Learning | July 18, 2013

(My biology teacher is notorious for his tough style, his strongly worded opinions, and for being ‘scary’.)

Teacher: “…and when I say something, you learn. If you have a question, you ask. But I won’t abide students trying to pull the chair from under me!”

(I draw a cartoon of him with the chair being pulled out from under him, and make sure to throw it away before leaving the class. Over the course of the year, I do many such cartoons. On the last day of the year, we start to leave, and he pulls me aside.)

Teacher: “[My name], I want you to know I enjoyed your questions, even though we usually disagreed. You are smart; I like smart. Also…”

(He pulls open a cabinet door and reveals every one of my drawings which he’d picked out of the thrash and pinned up.)

Teacher: “…I enjoyed these.”

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