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Learning To Follow Rules Is An Important Lesson, Too

, , , | Right | April 19, 2023

I used to work at a fast-food restaurant. One of the hard and fast rules was that only two orders could be placed from one vehicle in the drive-thru. This occurred one evening as the supper rush was beginning.

Driver: “I have five orders on separate tickets.”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, but it’s only two orders per car in the drive-thru.”

Driver: “That’s not going to work for us. I have five people in this van who need to pay separately.”

Coworker: “You are welcome to come inside and order, but unfortunately, we can’t do that in the drive-thru.”

Driver: “I have someone in a wheelchair. It’s not convenient to bring them inside. Can’t you make an exception?”

Coworker: “One moment, please.”

[Coworker] called over the manager on duty, who took over the headset.

Manager: “I apologize, but we can’t do that. I need to ask you to please place your two orders, or leave the line and come inside. You don’t have to bring them in, and you can pay separately.”

Driver: *Huffs* “Ugh, fine!”

They drove off.

The driver did come inside to place the orders, complaining the whole time.

Driver: “I work for [Local Organization housing mentally challenged adults]. They have mobility issues. They can’t all come inside, and their orders need to be separated. They have their own accounts. This is discrimination against people with disabilities! I’m going to call the ADA to report you. These people are supposed to be learning life skills here!”

Initially, I was thinking that it was a little heartless to deny disabled people service in the drive-thru. When the driver came in and announced where they worked, I changed my mind.

Having worked for this organization in the past, I know that these outings ARE designed to help the residents with real-world social and financial skills so they can possibly transition to an independent living situation in the future. They are supposed to physically go into a business, place their own orders, and pay with their own money. The person in charge of the group on this day was obviously just trying to make their job easier while doing a disservice to the residents in their care and guilt-tripping us in the process.

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