Learning More In Class Than Bargained For

| Learning | January 29, 2014

(Student #1 (a boy) has just asked Student #2 (a girl) to help him figure out why his girlfriend is mad at him.)

Student #1: “[Girlfriend] was in a bad mood the whole time we were at youth group last night.”

Student #2: “Was there anything different from normal?”

Student #1: “Um… I gave [Other Girl] a ride to youth group. [Girlfriend] was kind of rude to her, too.”

Student #2: “You gave a ride to [Other Girl], the cheerleader that you had a crush on for, like, two years, and you can’t figure out why [Girlfriend] is mad?”

Student #1: “Well, yeah. I mean, I asked [Girlfriend] if it was okay, and she said it was fine.”

(Every girl in class winces.)

Student #2: “Did she say it was fine or fine?”

Student #1: “Is there a difference?”

(Every girl in class winces again.)

Student #1: “What? She said I could do whatever I wanted, so I did.”

(More wincing.)

Teacher: “[Student #1], I am going to teach you the most important lesson you will learn in this room. Whenever a girl says ‘fine,’ ‘do what you want,’ ‘I don’t care,’ or ‘it doesn’t matter,’ she is lying. What she really means is that you should know that what you asked is a really bad idea and you need to figure out what she wants and pretend it’s your idea to do it that way.”

Student #1: “Really?”

All Girls: “Yes!”

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