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Learning How To Internet Is A Beast Of A Task

, , | Right | CREDIT: Dradonus | December 28, 2021

I currently work in a call center, and the call center contracts me with other businesses that need help. I get a call and go through the spiel I usually do.

Caller: “Oh, I don’t have an account with you guys.”

That’s fine. I set him up with one, and as I am asking probing questions about his issue today and creating a case, he says:

Caller: “Yeah, I don’t know why you guys started to need an Internet connection to use your software, but I don’t have an Internet connection, so I need you to give me a code or some magic jumbo to get the program to work for me.”

I’m confused, as I was not aware that there were people out there without an Internet connection. I explain how he needs to use the Internet for various functions of the product. He gets upset and annoyed.

Caller: “Well, I guess I will get a new computer with the Internet on it.”

I don’t catch that at first.

Caller: “Is this going to be something that always happens with the company?”

Me: “With everything moving to the cloud — aka the Internet — a lot of your programs and products are going to be using that for various features.”

He reluctantly agrees and then asks what he needs for a new computer, so I gave him minimum requirements: Windows 8.1 or newer, 2 bg of RAM1GB for the program, 5 GB for Microsoft, .net 5.4.2 or something like that, 1 mbs for Internet. The program needs admin rights, especially when printing off documents.

He sighs.

Caller: “So, not only do I have to purchase a computer with the Internet—”

I catch it that time. I blink.

Caller: “—but I also have to get this beast of a computer.”

I looked at my gaming rig next to me, which five years ago cost $800 to $1000, thinking to myself, “Yeah… a real beast.” I tried to explain to him he would need to call his Internet service provider and get the basic Internet, and he should be fine, but he probably didn’t understand that, either.

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