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Learning Forsaking Learning

| Learning | May 16, 2016

(It’s near the end of the semester and the class has been difficult with three to four page essays due every week on top of readings and discussions.)

Professor: “Okay, everyone. Since we only have a two weeks before finals, I’m not going to require anything else. Sometimes classes get too wrapped up in homework and papers and grades. We forget we’re here to learn. This stuff is important to know, so this last unit will be learning for the sake of learning.”

Class: *cheers*

Professor: “However, to make sure you’re keeping up with your reading, every day at the beginning of class I’m going to give you a quiz.”

Class: *groans*

Professor: “And today we’re going to watch a video. I have a reading guide you’re going to turn in at the end of class. Remember, this is worth 10 points, so make sure you answer every question thoroughly.”

Classmate: “So much for ‘learning for the sake of learning’!”

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