Learning A Lesson Very Suddenly

, , , , | Friendly | August 19, 2019

I am driving home one evening, well after dark. I am in a residential area, going just under the posted speed, when a car comes up behind me and begins tailgating me. They are so close to my bumper that I can make out the shape of the driver in my brake lights.

I pick up speed until I am just over the speed limit. The police in this small town will ticket you for just about anything, so I try to avoid going over the posted limit whenever possible. This person backs off just a bit, but they are still way to close to me for comfort.

I finally slow until I’m on the speed limit and decide, “Screw it. If he hits me, it’s his fault.”

Not even ten seconds after thinking that, a dog comes running out of the high grass on the side of the road and right in my path. I slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him, and the other person slams on their brakes, as well. Somehow, they don’t hit me, which I still don’t understand, considering how close they were following me. 

Once the dog is out of the way, I drive on and check my rearview mirror. The driver has let me get a good 30 yards ahead of him before driving on, as well. When I have to suddenly slow because of a pothole, he slams on his brakes, still a good 25 to 30 yards away.

Guess it taught him a lesson.

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