Learn To Express Yourself At The Express Checkout

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(After work one night, I quickly run to the supermarket to pick up some things. Since I only have a few items, I go to the line for the express checkout for ten items or less. While the cashier checks out the lady in front of me, a woman and her daughter come up with a loaded trolley, full to the brim with groceries and start piling it onto the belt behind me. The cashier, looking tired and clearly at the end of a long day, notices and visibly winces but says nothing.)

Me: *catching her eye and grins* “Do you want me to tell them?”

Cashier: “Oh, no, it’s fine! I can just fire it through quickly. It won’t take long, and they’ve already put half of it on; it’d be too much of a hassle.”

Me: “I worked retail through university. I had to deal with people who didn’t read huge obvious signs all the time; I would really like to tell them.”

(The cashier insists that it’s fine; she can do it quickly while it’s not busy. Not wanting to cause her trouble, I say nothing while the mother carries on without paying attention to what’s going on. When I pay for my things, she smiles when she hands me the receipt and leans in.)

Cashier: “Thank you for the offer, anyway; it’s nice when people speak up and pay a little attention.”

(Little shows of solidarity do go a long way.)

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