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Leaning Towards Choosing Not To Help

| Working | June 7, 2014

(We get shipments of product about once a week. They arrive in our store on wooden skids, with all of the boxes wrapped up in plastic. It is the driver’s/delivery guy’s responsibility to unload the boxes off the skid and take the wooden skid away since our small store has nowhere to store them or dispose of them. I am a short woman, working alone, and two skids arrive. I begin unpacking the first skid to speed things up while the driver gets the second one. He returns and simply stands there watching me lifting the heavy boxes off the six-foot high pile.)

Driver: “Where do you want this second skid? You’re store is really small.”

Me: “Well, if you help me unload this skid and take the wooden skid away we can put it here.”

Driver: *after staring at me silently for a moment* “Ya, okay.”

(We unload the skid together and he gets the second one into place. It is very poorly packed, with all of the heaviest boxes placed on top of the lighter ones, virtually crushing the bottom boxes and resulting in a very pronounced, worrisome lean.)

Driver: “Okay, here’s the second one. See ya.”

(Before I could ask where he was going he took off, leaving me alone to unpack the extremely unsafe mountain of boxes and find a place to store the wooden skid. Thanks for the help!)

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