Leafing Through Your Food

| Friendly | December 23, 2015

(Most scout units in Iceland offer a two-weeks summer school for every child age 9-12 years old – no matter if they’re scouts or not. While the children all had to bring their own lunch and snacks and eat upstairs, we workers/leaders could use the kitchen and eat of the leftover food from our camps (one had been just a few days before this incident). We could do that as long as we didn’t eat in front of the children, since there wouldn’t be enough for them too. This one day we had made sandwiches, when one leader had to go upstairs. He had forgotten that he was still holding his sandwich, because minutes later he ran down again.)

Leader: “S***, I forgot I had my sandwich with me and [Energetic, but troublesome Boy] saw! He’s following me, so hide the food!”

(True to his word, before we could hide the food away, the boy came running down. His face all lit up with a gigantic smile, and yells:)

Energetic Boy: “DO YOU HAVE SALAD?!”

(He then practically started to run towards the table where an iceberg salad was laying and started to take some leafs off – paying no attention to any other food that was laying right beside it! We leaders were so dumbfounded that we had no idea how to react. Later that day after telling his mom about this event, she told us that yes, he does love salad, and will proceed to eat salad leafs – and only that – if she allows him.)

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