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Lazy Waitstaff Banding Together

, , , | Working | June 3, 2020

My mom, my brother, his girlfriend, and I are attending a free live music evening at our town square. Unfortunately, rain starts pouring down once the band we came to see starts playing. We hang on for a while, but then my mom and I decide to seek shelter; my brother and his girlfriend stay behind.

We head to one of the surrounding cafés where I used to be a regular. Once we head in, drenched from the rain, I see that the café is quite full. I happen to stand next to a waitress.

Me: “Any seats for two left?”

Waitress #1: *Shrugs* “Dunno. You’ll have to look.”

She sounds rather snappy, and she immediately disappears. I look around and find a seat. Normally, the service here is pretty quick, even when the place is packed. But twenty minutes go by and still we don’t get served.

We do see two waitresses, including the one I spoke to earlier, serving the tables next to us, asking if they need refills, and even hanging around a while to chat with those patrons — who all happen to be attractive guys.

One of the waitresses seems bored and seemingly looks for stuff to do, and she starts cleaning a table near us, all the while ignoring our attempts to flag her down. After the fourth time they go past our table, my mom finally stands up and goes to one of them, who is again chatting to the guy at the table next to us. Once she sees my mom approaching, she scurries away.

I see another patron stopping her and pointing out that my mom was trying to talk to her. She turns around to face my mom.

Waitress #2: *Sighs* “May I help you?”

Mom: “Well, it’s about time! We have been trying to flag you down for a while. We’d like to order, please.”

Waitress #2: “What do you want?”

Mom: “A water, please, and a cup of tea for my daughter.”

Waitress #2: *Rolls eyes* “What flavor does she want?”

They are standing about two tables over, but I can still hear what they are saying. Eventually, the waitress stomps over to our table, where she stands with her arms dangling in front of her.

Waitress #2: *Snarky* “What flavor tea do you want?” 

I tell her, just hoping to get my tea. She stomps off, and within a minute we get our drinks. Mom’s water is in a plastic cup. Once I go to take my first sip, I look outside and see that the rain has stopped, and in the distance, I hear the band playing my favourite song. 

Me: “Well, f****** great! Now it stops raining! Just when we finally get served.”

I’m super pissed at this point. I drink half my tea as quickly as I can without burning my throat and go to the bar to pay. Another waiter comes to give me the bill.

Me: “Excuse me. Do you happen to be the manager over here?”

Waiter: “I am.”

The waitresses are both standing behind him, leaning on the bar, doing virtually nothing. I explain the situation to the manager, pointing at the girls and explaining how rude they were and how they were ignoring us. His eyebrows raise in astonishment. 

Manager: “I’m glad you told me this. I’ll make sure these girls are talked to. What drinks did you have?”

Me: “A tea and a water.”

He voids the transaction on the register. 

Manager: “It’s on the house. You ladies have a nice evening.” 

We managed to get back to the front row again, where my brother and his girlfriend were saving our spot. The band was awesome for the rest of the gig, but those waitresses really ruined a big part of our evening.

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