Lazy At Any Time Of The Day

| Working | January 7, 2016

(I work overnight shift at an airport. I go to “lunch” at 11:30 pm. I go to one restaurant that has the phrase “Breakfast and lunch any time of the day” printed on the menu.)

Me: “Hi, I’d like [breakfast item].”

Employee #1: “Oh, we don’t serve that now.”

Me: *pointing at menu with ad phrase* “Any time of the day?”

Employee #1: “Now isn’t any time of the day.”

(I begin to protest, when a second employee comes out from the back.)

Employee #2: “[Employee #1], for God’s sake. Quit being lazy and serve this agent her food. You try that stunt again, and I’ll recommend to the manager that he fire you!”

Employee #1: *grumbling under her breath* “Nobody deserves to have breakfast at midnight…”

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