Laziness Can Be A Glitter Pill To Swallow

| Learning | July 10, 2013

(Our math class is divided into groups for an assignment where we have to take clippings from the newspaper. I am the only girl in the group. Near the end of the assignment, I realize that the guys haven’t kept notes about where they found their articles.)

Me: “Okay, so we’ve got our problems done, but we need to go back and find the articles so we can do citations.”

Guy #1: “Oh, we’ll just make something up. It’s not like she’s going to check or anything.”

Guy #2: “Yeah, don’t worry about it.”

Me: “Well, I’d rather have the correct citations, but if you can make them seem believable, I guess we can make that work…”

(Our next meeting is the day before the assignment is due. None of the citations are done. Note that I volunteered to put everything together at the end.)

Me: “I thought you guys were going to make citations for these.”

Guy #2: “Well, we figured since we were going to make them up anyway, you could just do it when you put everything together.”

Me: “But I don’t have time to make up all of your citations. I don’t even know what papers these are from!”

Guy #1: “Well then just leave it blank.”

Me: “But—”

Guy #1: “I’ve got stuff to do today. Are we done?”

Me: “No! We need to figure this out!”

Guy #1: “Well, good luck with that.”

Guy #2: “Yeah, see ya!”

(I spend all night creating citations for every article. When it comes time to put everything together, I decide to pick the most girly binder I own: pastel rainbow with glitter. When I get to class, I put the binder on the professor’s desk before the guys come in. She calls us up after class.)

Professor: “So, you all looked this over before you turned it in?”

Guy #1: “Yep. It was a group effort.”

Professor: “And you agreed to the rainbow, glitter binder?”

Guy #1: “…Yeah.”

Professor: “Well then. I have to say, it certainly stands out from the others.”

(The professor called them on their lie. I got an A on the project—they did not.)

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