Laying Off The Negativity

| Friendly | August 7, 2015

(I have recently been laid off when I run into a client from my old job in [Popular Coffee Chain].)

Me: “Oh, hi! Nice to see you!”

Former Client: “Hi!” *noticing I am not in my uniform* “Do you have the day off or something?”

Me: “Oh, no, actually… I’ve been laid off.”

Former Client: “Oh, no! Why?”

Me: “Well, they really needed to hire someone for [Other Position] and they couldn’t afford to keep us both on, so they got rid of my position.”

Former Client: “Oh. That makes me really sad, actually. But you’ll do great. You’ll find something else and be just fine. You’ll have nothing to worry about.” *muttering under her breath* “Buttheads.” *walks off*

(Wherever you are, thank you! You made my whole week!)

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