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Laughing At The Joke Is Like Getting In The Van: Never Gonna Happen

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(My family is on a skiing trip with my cousins and a few other relatives. My oldest cousin is at least twenty, but my aunt is a little… protective. We’ve stopped for lunch in a big dining hall-type place and it’s around Christmas time, so some people are getting pretty festive. My oldest cousin comes back to our table with a handful of candy and everybody is either excited about it or has a lot of questions:)

Youngest Kids: *already eating the candy*

Aunt: “Where did you get that?”

Oldest Cousin: “Well, some strange man was handing out candy, so I took some.”

Aunt: “What do you mean a ‘strange man’?”

Oldest Cousin: “Mom, I’m kidding. Some guy was handing out Christmas candy to kids, so I asked for some.”

Aunt: “And he just… gave it to you?”

Oldest Cousin: “Well, he also asked me to come out back and get in his van, but I said no… I know I’m not supposed to go anywhere with strangers!”

Aunt: *horrified* “[Oldest Cousin]! Don’t say that!”

Oldest Cousin: *rolls eyes* “Mom, everyone here knows I’m kidding. [Youngest Cousin] is the youngest, and he’s twelve! Nobody’s getting in some guy’s van.”

Aunt: *still horrified*

Adults: *trying to hold in laughter*

Kids: *shamelessly laughing hysterically*

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