Too Late For Puppy Love

, , , , , | Romantic | June 15, 2017

(It’s after midnight and we’re in bed, but the dog is insistent on playing.)

Me: “No, puppy! Stop trying to force your balls under the blanket. They’re gross and it’s sleep time.”

Partner: “I’m so glad it’s you saying that to the dog and not me to you.”

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  • Katherine Alice Thompson

    Could still apply I guess…

  • Bethany Lieflijk

    My dogs just like to sleep on my bed. And steal my space.

    I’m fairly sure at least one of them is part cat.

  • Sionyx

    My cat likes to play Mousie (fetch with a rattly mousie cat toy) and has no problem dropping one by my head at, say, four in the morning with a long string of muffled meows (as mousie is carried) followed by some nice LOUD meows (after mousie is dropped) demanding I play with her. I haven’t played mousie with her while in my room for maybe eight years since I realized I was only encouraging midnight game requests. She continues to request. Pets are so very fun!

    • Lil Tiger

      My cat does the same except with a stuffed tiger that is nearly half her size.

    • Matt Westwood

      What you have to do is just thank her kindly for her thoughtfulness on bringing you a midnight snack.