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Late Night Foresight

, , , | Working | December 28, 2017

(I work at [Coffee Shop] as one of the closers. Almost every night, a girl comes in around ten minutes before closing. My coworkers hate it, but she’s always polite and tips, so I try to not be annoyed. Lately though, she’s been coming five minutes or less before closing, annoying my coworkers and managers. One night, she comes in at 9:59 and one of the workers who’s covering the closing but works mornings greets her.)

Coworker: “Hey! Back again for more coffee?”

(The customer blushes but nods, places her order, and leaves her usual tip. After she leaves my coworkers begin to talk.)

Coworker: “I get that we have to provide service until 10, but that doesn’t mean she can walk in at 9:59 for freaking coffee. What on earth does she need caffeine for at this time of night?”

Shift Coverer: “She’s actually a night chef. She works overnights and also has a second job across the street at [Restaurant] as a line cook. She probably needs all the caffeine she can get. Besides, at least she’s nice and has simple orders.”

(After that, it was a little hard to get mad at her for walking in so late and keeping us around an extra five minutes. And it taught me a lesson about judging.)

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