Last Train To Kindness

, , , | Working | May 3, 2016

(I am running like a lunatic to catch a tram only to see it leave the stop. But luckily another tram is right after it…)

Me: *gets on oblivious to it being empty*

Tram Driver: “Hey! HEY!”

Me: “Sorry, did I do something wrong?”

Tram Driver: “This tram is not driving anymore tonight and headed for storage”

Me: “But you stopped for me?”

Tram Driver: “Yes, because I saw you run for the tram, and that was the last tram tonight and you’d be stuck here otherwise. I can’t take you to wherever you’re going, but if I speed a bit you can catch the previous tram at the next stop and run to it”.

Me: “Thank you!”

(And so he did, and I caught the other tram at the next stop. I was too flustered to do much other than stand there, but the kindness was much appreciated. It would have been a two-hour walk!)

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