Last Thing This Kid Needs Is More Sugar

| Related | September 17, 2014

(Customers can serve themselves in the store I work at, and the candy is priced according to its weight. We have many options of what to put the candy in, with the two most popular choices being simple plastic bags or colorful ‘Chinese take-out’ boxes. A boy is excitedly telling his mother all the candies he wants, while she is trying to ask him what color box he wants to put it all in.)

Boy: “And I want Coke bottles, and gummi frogs, and gummi rainbow frogs!”

Mother: “Slow down! We need to choose a box, first! What color box do you want?”

Boy: “Look at all the gummi bears! I want blue ones and green ones and red ones…”

Mother: “Okay, but what color box do you want to put them in?”

Boy: “And I want the raspberries, and the BIG Coke bottles!”

Mother: “[BOY]!”

Boy: “Huh?”

Mother: “Do you want a BAG, or a BOX?”

Boy: “A box.”

Mother: “What. Color?!”

Boy: “I want gummi cherries!”

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