Last Day Doodle Is A Doddle

| USA | Learning | May 1, 2015

(In our senior year, my friend and I have an English teacher that is very vindictive. If someone forgot to do their homework, she will mark a zero in her book exaggeratedly, all while shouting zero for the whole school to hear. My friend and I make fun of her for it, all until the last day of school.)

Me: *signing my friend’s yearbook and drawing the caricature with ‘zero!’ In the mouth bubble*

Friend: *sees it and snickers* “Hey, I’ll write something next to it.”

(My friend writes the teacher’s name with an arrow pointing to the caricature, so there no mistake who it is. We laugh about it for a while, and other classmates come to see what we’re laughing about, and laugh too. Then the English teacher herself comes over to see…)

English Teacher: “…Nice picture.”

(The best part was, since it was the last day of school, she couldn’t punish us, just glare!)

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