Last Customer Of The Year

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(It’s New Year’s Eve and the store closes at five pm, although the workers stay later to check out the last customers and tidy up. The holiday hours have been posted for a couple of weeks. A woman comes to the door 15 minutes after the store closes and is stopped by one of the managers who is watching the door.)

Manager #1: “I’m sorry, ma’am, the store is closed.”

Customer: “I just need one thing.”

Manager #1: “I’m sorry, ma’am; as I said the store is closed. You’ll have to come back tomorrow. We open again at noon.”

Customer: “But it’s just one thing! I know where it is. I just have to run in and get it!”

Manager #1: “Like I said, the store is closed. You’ll have to come back.”

Customer: “But there are still people in the store! I can see them!”

Manager #1: “Those are the last customers who are checking out, but the store is closed.”

(The customer demands a manager, even though she is speaking to one. Another manager comes over.)

Manager #2: “As you’ve been told ma’am, the store closed 15 minutes ago… actually, 20 minutes ago now. We cannot let you in.”

Customer: *yelling* “But I just need one thing!”

Manager #2: “And between eight am and five pm today, you could have bought it. Now you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”

Customer: “This is terrible service! I want you to know that you’re RUINING the happiness of a little girl on the holidays!” *customer storms off*

Manager #1: *To [Manager #2]* “She does know it’s New Year’s Eve and not Christmas Eve, right?”

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