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Last Christmas, You Gluten My Heart

, , , , | Right | December 21, 2020

We have just moved our stock around a few days before Christmas to make room for all the extra turkeys, trimming, etc., that we will be selling over the festive period. Normally, we have an area dedicated to gluten-free products; however, over Christmas, we do not have the space to keep them all together so they are placed with the “regular” products. For example, gluten-free bread is next to the regular bread, gluten-free ready meals with the regular ready meals, and so on.

A customer comes to my till, not looking happy. I ask if there is anything we can do.

Customer: “You have taken away all the gluten-free meals!”

Me: “Oh, sorry, madam. We haven’t taken them away; we’ve just had a bit of a move around!”

I explain the situation, adding where the meals are currently.

Customer: “But you haven’t got a gluten-free section!”

Me: “It’s just over Christmas. The items are still there but in different places.”

Customer: “They should all be together!”

Me: “They will return to their usual place after Christmas.”


Me: “Would you like me to get a manager?”

The manager appeared and spent ten minutes dealing with this woman whilst I continued serving other customers, one of whom came up with a gluten-free ready meal and said how easily she’d found it! Some people.

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