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Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart

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It’s the night before Christmas Eve at around 11:00 pm and I’ve arrived home after a long day at work, totally exhausted. I’m walking the stairs up to the apartment when the phone rings and it’s my boyfriend. We moved in together this very month but, due to him working the nightshift around Christmas, I’ve decided to go home to my mom’s over the holiday. I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning, which means we won’t see each other until I’ve returned home.

I answer the phone while putting the key in the lock and he asks if I’m home yet. I reply that I’m just about to open the door and he gets all excited. He asks me to not turn on the lights and to go straight to his computer, which is located in the dining area. I walk there and the computer is in sleep mode. I’m told to wake it up and see that the music player is up. I’m then told to turn the music on.

From the speakers comes a song he wrote for me. I get to listen to it for a minute, but then he tells me to go into the kitchen and turn on the ceiling light. On the counter in a vase is a single red rose, and beneath it a note that just says, “Kiss.”

I’m in tears then and there. My boyfriend tells me he has to hang up but says he loves me and wishes me a merry Christmas. I stand in the kitchen for a long time, just listening to the song on repeat, staring at the rose. I feel bad for leaving it for a couple of days and decide to dry it.

We’ve been together for ten years now and are married. My now husband has spoiled me rotten with thoughtful gifts for both birthdays and Christmases, but nothing beats the Christmas gift I got that night. Whenever I get asked about my favourite gift, I tell the story above. I still get warm, fuzzy feelings just thinking about it, and I still have that rose.

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