Last Call And Having A Ball

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(I work in a call centre for an energy company. When we work the “late” shift — with a finish of 6:30 pm — we are supposed to wait until the call queue is clear and it is at least 6:31 pm before we log out. After a relatively slow shift, a call drops to me at 6:21 pm.)

Me: *to myself* “Oh, here we go.” *to the customer* “You’re speaking with [My Name]; how can I help you?”

(The customer then states her issue, which is that her bills revert from emailed bills back to post bills.)

Me: *to myself, sarcastically* “Great, I’m going to have time for another call.”

(As I’m fixing the issue, the customer and I start chatting.)

Customer: “Nearly clock-off time.”

Me: “Almost at 6:31 pm; there are still a few calls in the queue, though.”

Customer: “Bummer. Hey, I also want to check the email address you have on file?”

Me: “Sure, it’s [email].”

Customer: “Great, what about my mobile number?”

Me: “It’s [mobile].”

Customer: “Awesome. Is my husband, [Husband], listed to call about the account?”

Me: “He sure is.”

Customer: “What time is it, and how many calls in the queue?”

Me: *confused at why she asked* “It’s 6:29 pm, and there are four calls.”

Customer: “Can I add a home phone number?”

Me: “Of course.”

Customer: “It’s [number].”

Me: “All done.”

Customer: “Time and how many now?”

Me: “It’s 6:31 pm and there are no calls left.”

Customer: “Great! Thanks so much for the help and the chat. Clock out and have a great night!” *hangs up*

(I dealt with a LOT of rude and horrible calls during my time working there, but I fondly remember this lady who wasted her own time so I could get out of work on time!)

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