Laptop Of The Class

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(Due to financial and health issues, I have to do my first two years of college at a community college. I only have one class to go before I finish. I’ll be transferring to my dream college which has a great reputation for my desired major. I show up for my first day of my last class at the community college and set up my laptop for note-taking. The professor walks in.)

Professor: “Good morning, everyone. I’m [Professor], and– Hold on. Who is hiding behind that obnoxious piece of technology in the back?”

(My laptop is pretty small, so there’s no way I could hide even if I wanted to.)

Me: *raising my hand* “Hello!”

Professor: “Who are you and why is that here?”

Me: “I’m [My Name]. My computer? I find that I take better notes on a laptop. I type faster than I write.”

Professor: “Well, Miss [My Name], I don’t like laptops in my class. You’ll be on the Facebook or who knows what while I’m teaching.”

(I turn my computer around to show him that the only window I have open is a blank Microsoft Word document.)

Professor: “Have your other professors let you use that?”

Me: “Yes.”

Professor: “Are you transferring? No university will let you get away with that.”

Me: “Yes, actually, [University I’ve been accepted to] encourages the use of tech during lectures.”

Professor: “Fine. Keep your technology. But the minute you bomb an exam, that thing is gone.”

Me: “No problem.”

(The professor continues to jab at me during the semester, calling on me all the time to answer questions just to make sure I’m not on “the Facebook.” I always answer accurately, and I pass all the exams. Fast forward to the final. I turn mine in.)

Professor: “Hang on. I’m grading everyone’s while they’re here.”

(He quickly runs through mine, marking a few wrong.)

Me: “Well?”

Professor: *sighs* “87%. That makes a final average of…” *taps on a calculator* “90% for the course. I suppose congratulations are in order.”

Me: “So, I guess obnoxious pieces of tech can help students do well?”

(He glared at me as I walked out.)

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