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Laptop Flop, Part 33

, , , | Working | February 24, 2022

I work for the office and facility management department of an e-commerce company. One of our tasks is to prepare and collect laptops for and from employees. Usually, it goes smoothly, but not with this (now former) coworker who was a Customer Service Agent.

Her contract ended after she was off for a long time on sick leave, so we contacted her to return her laptop. One month passed by with no response. We reached out to her manager and then contacted her personal phone. This communication happens via text messages.

Me: “Hi! How are you? I hope your recuperation is going well. I need to check up on our reminder for you to return your office laptop. May we have the track and trace code?”

Former Coworker: “Hi. It has not been great but also not bad. I sent the laptop back last month, but I lost the code.”

Me: “Oh, that’s unfortunate. Did you email the code to us?

Former Coworker: “No.”

Me: “Do you have any other proof of delivery? A payment receipt or an email, maybe?”

Former Coworker: “No.”

Me: “Maybe a credit or debit card record?”

Former Coworker: “No. I paid in cash.”

Me: “Then we have no proof that you have returned it.”

Former Coworker: “I lost the code. What can I do?”

Me: “I need to consult with Human Resources and Legal, then. It is stated in your contract that you are obliged to return the company’s properties at the end of your contract.”

Former Coworker: “What? So, now I have to contact a lawyer?”

Me: “Well, we need proof that at least the sending process has been done. I mean, it’s kind of like when a customer is sending us their purchases back, right? We need proof of delivery to process their claim.”

Former Coworker: “I am not like a customer! I lost the code, and I cannot find it anywhere! There is nothing else that I can do!”

I was speechless. She worked in the customer service department for two years. You would think that she would understand the importance of a track and trace code. In the end, the company decided that it would cost more to pursue the case than the price of the laptop, so we let her off the hook. She did not even reply to my email when I informed her that the case was closed and she had no more obligation to us.

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