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Laptop Flop, Part 2

| Romantic | May 14, 2012

(My boyfriend and I share a tiny room in an apartment. It’s usually a mess, and we each have our own laptop that we often use in the bed. This night, my boyfriend is using my laptop instead of his.)

Boyfriend: “Hey babe, your laptop charger isn’t working.”

Me: “Well, just wiggle the cord. You know it doesn’t always work.”

Boyfriend: *plugging and unplugging it* “Nope, still not working. Why don’t you come take a look at it?”

Me: *getting frustrated* “Oh my God. Just use your own d*** laptop. It’s better than mine anyway.”

Boyfriend: “Babe, come fix your laptop.”


(I walk over and plug it in. I start pulling on the cord, trying to find the base to see if it unplugged itself. I see something on the base of the power cord. I fish it up some more, and it’s a ring. I start to cry and hug him.)

Boyfriend: “I will say that I’m impressed. I unplugged your laptop two days ago, hoping you would notice!”

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