Lady Pushy-Pineapple

, , , , | Right | January 28, 2020

(I am serving in the fast lane, which is for six items or less. It’s fairly busy but we’re going through the queue pretty quickly. People wait no more than two minutes in line at absolute worst. A woman storms up beside me, through the checkout exits.)

Pushy Lady: “I want to buy this pineapple.”

Me: *continuing to serve my current customer* “Of course, ma’am, just hop in line and we’ll get to you shortly.”

Pushy Lady: “No! Here’s the money; I just want it now!” *tries to thrust a note at me, despite my hands being busy with another customer’s items*

Me: *startled* “I… beg your pardon, ma’am. I don’t know how much the pineapple is. I’d have to ring it up; otherwise, I’d get in trouble.” *gives the gentleman I’m serving his total*

Pushy Lady: “I don’t want to wait!” *storms off*

Gentleman: “I was about to offer to pay for it, but…” 

(We shrugged at each other and he paid and left. I continued serving the line. A few minutes later, I saw the pushy woman being served at one of the other tills… by a supervisor. She looked like she was complaining but I never heard anything about it. Guess the supervisor didn’t agree that she could just skip the line because she didn’t want to wait.)

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