Lacking A Slice Of Professionalism

| Working | October 17, 2013

(I deliver for a large pizza company. Our store is staffed and managed by mature, easygoing people who look out for one another. We recently hire a new manager, however, who hasn’t quite got into the swing of things.)

Me: “Hey, I can run this as a triple so nothing goes late, but I need your password to check out three orders.”

(Note: manager passwords are not a secret, as they’re required to do so many things in the store that, if they were, we’d never get any work done. This manager, however, refuses to share hers, causing no end of headaches.)

Manager: “I’ll check them out in a minute; just wait.”

Me: “The first two have less than a minute before they run late; just give me your password.”

Manager: “I will not. You don’t see [General Manager] and [Assistant Manager] giving out their passwords, do you?”

Me: “They’re [password #1] and [password #2], right?”

Manager: *startled* “You shouldn’t have those!”

Me: “Everyone in the store has them, and now two orders are late.”

(The manager storms over and finally authorizes a triple delivery.)

Manager: “Fine, there, hurry up and get back!”

(I deliver all three, explain to the customers that I am the only driver on shift at the time, and none of them are upset or unhappy about having to wait an extra five minutes on their orders. When I get back however…)

Manager: “Those first two orders were late! Now my numbers look bad! Why can’t you just do as you’re told?!”

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