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Lack Of Register Does Not Register Meets Very Bad Reception

, , , , | Right | January 25, 2023

I work as a receptionist for a well-known RV dealership. They bought a well-known but defunct outdoors chain, and I was moved across the road to be the receptionist over there. I had a single desk with a phone and a computer terminal and a chair out in the middle of a big open area right where you came in from the outside.

People would come up to me CONSTANTLY wanting to check out and pay for whatever they were buying, and over and over and over, I kept having to point to the cashier lines, of which there were several.

These were people who felt entitled; they did not want to wait behind a couple of other customers to pay for their purchases. But I kept having to show them with a very polite look on my face and kind words, pointing over to the cashier lines, saying, “I’m sorry you’ll have to go to the cashier.”

After a year and a half of this, with a sign on my desk that said, “RECEPTIONIST,” and nothing on my desk but the computer and the telephone, a young man came up behind me during a very busy time of day with a handful of items and asked me if he could check out there.

After eighteen months of this, I finally broke.

Me: “Pardon me, sir. I’m not trying to be rude, but do I look like I have a cash register in front of me?”

And I pointed over toward the cashier line which was less than twenty feet away.

Of course, within fifteen minutes, my supervisor was breathing down my neck asking me if I actually said that to a customer because, of course, the entitled jerk had called and filed a complaint.

Me: “Yes, I did, and after eighteen months of putting up with this crap, I’m glad I did it, but be assured I won’t do it again.”

Six months later, I put in my three-week notice because I finally found another job.

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