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Lack-Of-Progress Reports

| Learning | July 15, 2016

(My school is rather small, and there are only four core teachers in my grade, one per subject. Our science teacher is an older lady who, despite the grandmotherly persona, seems to have quite a subtle sadistic streak. Every other week, we get progress reports in each class, detailing all assignments since the previous one, which she often runs over class time handing out. On this occasion, the bell interrupts her lecture.)

Science Teacher: “Sit back down, you all! I’ve got progress reports and you won’t get yours until everyone is in their seat!”

(She took a full ten minutes to hand them out, wandering the room calling out names like she didn’t have all twenty of us last year, stopping to evict students in her next class who tried to enter the room after the bell for the start of their class. Half our class, my half, had algebra next on the opposite end of the building, and we were met at the door by our stern little math teacher who is quietly furious. She called down to the science teacher, who cheerfully confirmed why we were late, and we ended up having to walk all the way back to get a group tardy excuse note. The other half of the class was just leaving with theirs, but the science teacher still waffled around whether we actually needed ours signed as well, and her current class was getting very confused. Our math teacher was too angry to give us a coherent lecture in the 20 minutes she actually had us in the room.)

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