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Lack Of Information Overload

, , , , , | Working | June 9, 2021

I open a ticket to [Cell Phone Company] software centre, including the software, the type of bug, and the version number.

Support: “Your problem is soon to be solved. But we need some more information; please include: 1, software; 2, type of problem; 3, version number.”

I return the email with the information already provided. I get the same response. I open another ticket, fill in the boxes, and so on in an identical way. And I get the same response. Eventually, I end up sending TEN identical tickets and getting no solution, just a constant back-and-forth with requests for further information from me. I get fed up and phone the head boss in Stockholm.

Head: “I’ll be sure to follow up on your bug!”

Then, I get an angry email from the [Cell Phone Company] development department.

Development: “We have over ten tickets from you, but you refuse to tell us the version number, the software, or the kind of problem.”

Me: “I will not use your services anymore. Thank you.”

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