Lack Of Composer

, , , | Right | June 30, 2017

(A customer comes in asking for cello strings. Cellos come in five sizes and have four strings, so It could be any type.)

Customer: “Do you have cello strings for a child-size cello?”

Me: “Okay, we have a few sizes of child size cellos. If you rent it from us, I can look up your account and find the cello size.”

Customer: “We don’t rent it here.”

(The customer pulls out his phone and points to a picture of the cello.)

Customer: “I want this large string.”

Me: “Well, the strings come in different lengths… so I need more information than that.”

(He gets very irate and starts screaming.)

Customer: “Your customer service is out of line! I demand to be served by someone else.”

(My other colleague was busy and it took 30 minutes to serve him. Meanwhile I went on helping other customers. He eventually bought a string and left. My boss called me a couple hours later. Apparently the customer emailed him and told him I was rude, he should get full refund, and that I should be fired.)

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