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Lack Of Coffee Does Not Compute

, , , | Right | May 8, 2019

(I am a customer on a busy, winter’s day in a well-known coffee shop. After ordering a small hot chocolate, I join a number of people waiting for their drinks. Two ladies receive their drinks, and one immediately starts adding packets of sugar. After a few minutes of no drinks being prepared for the people in the store, the staff quickly realized something is wrong with the computerized system and start retaking orders from those standing around. I wait patiently, as this is clearly not a big deal. The other customers, not so much.)

Older Couple Waiting: *in loud whispers* “I can’t believe it’s taking this long… This is unacceptable… We don’t have all day!” *receives their drinks and sits down to sip them leisurely at a table*

Teenage Girl: *on her phone* “Yeah, I’m still waiting. Argh!” *receives her drink and waits outside for her ride for several minutes*

Middle-Aged Man: *looks annoyed as he stands blocking the counter, sighing loudly at intervals, receives his drink, and sits down to read the newspaper*

(Remember the lady who got her drink before the machine malfunctioned? She has been adding sugar to her drink this whole time! Her drink is open, and she shakes each packet down carefully before pouring it in and stirring slowly. I’ve counted 19 packets.)

Barista: *to me* “Ma’am, thank you for waiting. What can I get you?”

Sugar Lady: *shoving in front* “Excuse me! My drink tastes funny and it’s too cold.”

Barista: *glancing apologetically at me* “I’m so sorry. I can remake that for you now.”

Sugar Lady: “You’d better.”

Barista: *when done, to me* “Can I upgrade you to a large hot chocolate for your patience?”

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