Lack Of Instruction Will Lead To Destruction

, , , , | Working | February 21, 2018

(One of the managers at my new job is a lovely woman, very encouraging and helpful, but cannot give directions to save her life. I have just finished her request: printing out product orders, POs, stapled together in fives or so, along with a batch of original documents. I have probably gone through a small rainforest printing all these things out. It’s for a big festival, so there’s a LOT of products being ordered.)

Me: “Okay, here you go! One stack of originals, one stack of POs, and here’s the ones the computer didn’t like.”

Manager: “I’ll teach you how to deal with those…” *looks at stacks* Oh, dear.”

Me: “Is something wrong?”

Manager: “I forgot to tell you I wanted the POs stapled to the originals, not together.”

Me: *looks at stack of papers in horror*

(She did apologize, but I’m still trying to figure out a nice way to word the question, “And are those ALL the instructions?”)

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