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It’s All In The (Lack Of) Delivery, Part 4

, , , , | Working | February 3, 2018

(I am working at a business very near a famous landmark building. The business has seen fit to name itself [Place Very Near Famous Landmark Building]. As you can imagine, this causes all kinds of confusion. I get a call that a delivery is coming for me, and they want to know what floor they can find me on. I can tell they think I am in [Famous Landmark Building].)

Me: “We are at [street address], across the street from [Famous Landmark Building]. Please use the street address to find us, and don’t just go to [Famous Landmark Building], as that is not where I work.”

Delivery Person: *obviously not listening* “Uh-huh. Should be there in fifteen minutes.”

(Fifteen minutes pass. I get a phone call.)

Delivery Person: “Where are you? I’m on the third floor, and nobody here has heard of you.”

Me: “Did you go to [Famous Landmark Building]?”

Delivery Person: “Yes.”

Me: “Again, that is not where I work. Please look at the delivery address.”

Delivery Person: “That’s where I am! I’m at [street address].”

Voice In The Background: “That’s not our address. That’s across the street.”

(There was a long silence. Then, the phone went dead. Five minutes later, I got a call from reception that a delivery guy came in, dropped my package at the desk, and ran off in a hurry.)

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