Labelled As A Genius

, , | Working | April 8, 2015

(I’m in high school and working as a production assistant for an independent film. It’s my first movie, but most of the cast and crew, who are late 20s and older, have done others. We’re on set at a hospital classroom; it looks like a hospital but isn’t filled with any medicine and they don’t treat patients here.)

Director: “All right, everyone! We need to pull the labels off the drawers and cupboards. No real hospital would have everything labeled like that!”

Asst. Director: “Wait! How will we know where they go again?”

Director: “We’ll just take pictures of them! Who’s got a camera?”

(Everyone starts scrambling around trying to find a camera to take pictures of the 50-plus cupboards and drawers that are going to be in the shot.)

Me: “Um… couldn’t we just put the labels inside their corresponding drawers and doors?”

(Everyone pauses and looks at me.)

Director: “…You’re really good at this job.”

(Filming went smoothly. Not a label was seen!)

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