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Labeled Themselves As Thieves From The Beginning

, , , , | Right | December 30, 2021

I’m helping a coworker at the reception of the supermarket where we work. Two young customers arrive with a bottle of soft drink from outside the store. We provide labels that can be placed on products to show they were brought in from outside or already purchased.

Customer #1: *To me* “Could I have a label for this bottle to show that I had it when I entered?”

I bend down to get the label.

Customer #2: *To my coworker* “Could I have a label for this bottle?” *Shows the same bottle*

My coworker bends down to get the label while I put the first label on the bottle. My coworker sees that her label is supposed to be for the same (already labeled) bottle and wants to throw away the second label, but [Customer #2] snatches the label from her hands and they head into the store.

I take the walkie-talkie.

Me: “Hello, [Security Guard]? The two young customers who just passed by thought we were idiots. They managed to steal a second label. They’ll probably stick this on a bottle they’re going to steal from the store.”

I describe them.

Security Guard: “I see them on the cameras.”

A little later, I notice the customers choosing to go to the checkout of a deaf-mute coworker. I take the walkie-talkie and let the security guard know.

Security Guard: “I’m going in.”

I join the security guard at the checkout.

Customer #1: “We had these two bottles when we got here.”

Security Guard: “The first one I agree with. As for the second bottle, it would surprising.”

Customer #1: “Why?”

Security Guard: “Because I don’t know many stores that let their customers leave with a bottle of alcohol that still has the anti-theft device on it. And I know the girls at the reception; they would never put a label on a bottle with an anti-theft device.”

The customers reluctantly paid for the bottle and got off with a simple warning.

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