Label It Out For Him

| Working | April 11, 2017

(I am lucky to have a manager who is pretty great. However, one area in which he is not so great is spelling and grammar. I have become his de facto spellchecker. He often calls me into his office or rings me on on my desk line to ask how to craft a phrase or spell a word. My phone rings showing his extension, so I pick up.)

Me: “Hellooooooo!”

Manager: “How do you spell label? As in, ‘He labeled the box with… a… label.'”

Me: *after a good laugh* “L-A-B-E-L. But… did you really just ask that? And did you really just ask that the way I think you did?”

Manager: “No, I did not. Thank yoooooou!” *click*

(I end up walking past his office door about two minutes later. He calls out after me:)

Manager: “Yeah, that really wasn’t my best moment.”

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