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Kosher Checks

| Related | January 30, 2015

(This conversation happens over IM. My parents live in the northeast of the USA. It’s worth noting that my family is Jewish, and my Dad and I have a habit of poking fun at the more ridiculous claims about the nature of Judaism.)

Dad: “At least you’re safe down there; I’m a little worried about up here. Cops had to rescue a couple of Jews in Boston from a mob. Anti-semitism: it’s not just for Europe anymore.”

Me: “Yeah, I know. Mostly down here when people find out I’m Jewish they just ask a lot of questions, because I’m typically the first Jewish person they’ve ever met.”

Dad: “Do you show them your horns?”

Me: “Of course not; the monthly check stubs from the Zionist Conspiracy Club are way more impressive.”

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