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Koffee Kontroversy

, , , , , | Working | October 10, 2018

(The office I work at has a Keurig machine and an honour box to pay for the K-Cups at $1 each. Unfortunately, honesty is at a minimum, as very few people actually pay for their coffee, and as a result the committee stops buying the K-Cups. Since the machine is still in the lunchroom, I start buying my own from a local supplier and keeping them locked up in my desk. My sister works in the same office as me, and of course I am okay with her taking my coffee without compensating me; she’s family, after all. Other coworkers notice I have coffee and want some. My sister is digging through my desk, selecting a flavour of coffee.)

Sister: “What is this? I don’t like any of the flavours you have here.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I have a few different flavours at home; I’ll bring them tomorrow.”

(A coworker approaches.)

Coworker: “Hey, [My Name], can I have a coffee?”

Me: “They’re $1 each.”

Coworker: “What? [Sister] doesn’t have to pay. Why should I?”

Me: “Um… She’s my sister?”

Coworker: “So?”

Me: “Ah… Family? You know, you do stuff for family?”

Coworker: “Why such a high price?”

Me: “It’s expensive. Almost $1 each to begin with, plus I have the extra effort of going out and getting it.”

(My coworker walked off in a huff. A number of people in the office were quite put out that [Sister] didn’t have to pay and they would have to. Interestingly, none of them bought from me. My sister told me after we retired that she had played the whole thing up because she knew it would grind their gears to see her complain while getting free coffee, and the both of us having coffee when they didn’t. Also, none of the other coworkers went out and bought their own K-Cups.)

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