Knows Zip About Zip Codes, Part 3

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A customer is trying to purchase a product from one of our stores. She gives me the zip code for me to check.

Me: “Your local store has zero in stock, I’m afraid.”

She tears me a new one.

Customer: “Another source told me they had twelve in stock! Why was I lied to?!”

After some back and forth, I realize she totally botched the zip by three digits. Once I confirm the correct quantity, she goes:

Customer: “Now, was that so hard?”

I wanted to scream, “Yes because you’re a f***** moron!” but I need this job. So in my warmest, most gag-worthy customer service voice:

Me: “I apologize, ma’am. Are there any other questions I can help you answer today?”

Customer: “Not if it’s gonna take as long as you did, no.”

Me: “Have a good day.”

Yeah, had to step away for a breather after that.

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Knows Zip About Zip Codes

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