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Knows Zip About The Post Code

| Working | June 8, 2015

(As a Canadian, a lot of our channels come from the US and, consequently, we are frequently shown commercials for things we can’t actually get without leaving the country. I am trying to find an Internet provider that doesn’t charge extortionate ($60+) prices for the most basic service, and decide to check out the website of a company I see advertised. Before I have a chance to find where they list the areas they serve, a live chat pops up, so I decide to ask the customer service rep instead, figuring a quick yes/no question would be quicker than searching the site.)

Me: “I was wondering if you provide service in Canada, or if you are US-only?”

Customer Service Rep: “Please provide your address, as our services vary according to location.”

Me: *lists address complete with postal code*

Customer Service Rep: “Thank you for your address. Please provide your zip code.”

Me: “I don’t have a zip code. My postal code is XXX XXX.”

Customer Service Rep: “I understand.” *long pause* “If you will not provide your zip code, I will have to refer you to [different level customer service].”

Me: “I am not providing a zip code because I do not have a zip code. I am Canadian. I have a postal code. That is why I asked if you provide service in Canada.”

Customer Service Rep: “I understand.” *another long pause* “We do not offer coverage in Canada.” *another pause* “Is there anything else I could help you with?”

Me: “No, but maybe next time you could read the first question before asking for irrelevant information and wasting both our time?”

Customer Service Rep: “I understand.”

(Somehow, I sincerely doubt that!)

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