Knowing Your Inventory Can Pay

, , , | Right | March 10, 2018

(It’s my last day working part-time at this small-chain grocery, as I’m about to start a full-time job at the local library. Since we’re a smaller establishment frequented by older folks, it’s not uncommon for some customers to tip the workers for doing a little extra like carrying bags to the car, or just being very polite, so we’re allowed to keep extra money that customers give us. I’m ringing through this jovial old man who is joking with his buddy the whole transaction and generally making everyone smile. Near the end of scanning his items, he makes a “wager.”)

Customer: “Double or nothing, how much do you think my total will be? I’ll pay you that.”

Me: *playing along* “About… $37?”

(I have worked here long enough to know the general price of common items by heart, and many of his things are common. Lo and behold, his total is $37.43!)

Me: “Wow, lucky guess!”

Customer: “I’ll say!”

(The customer pulls out a 100-dollar bill after I hand him his bags, and I make the change. I count it back to him, and he proceeds to hand it BACK, plus extra to even out at $75.)

Customer: “Have a good night, Lady Luck!”

(I finished the last hour of my last shift on Cloud 9!)

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