Know Thyself (Checkout)

| Right | July 7, 2017

(I am a customer using the self-checkout lanes at my local grocery store. I overhear this conversation between the self-scan associate and the customer at the lane next to mine.)

Customer: “It didn’t take my store card!”

Associate: “Here, let me do it for you. This machine doesn’t read them the first time you scan them sometimes.” *scans the customer’s card* “Oh and just so you know, miss—” *points to a sign on the register* “—The Buy One, Get One promotion for your chips won’t show up until the end of your order, after you hit finish.”

Customer: “Yeah, okay.”

(The associate walks off. A few moments later:)


Associate: “It won’t come off till the end, remember? Here let me show you.” *the associate presses the finish button and the discount comes off* “See, right where the minus sign is, that’s your free chips. All set, miss?”

Customer: “Oh, okay!”

(The associate once again goes off. The customer scans the rest of her groceries and presses the finish button.)

Customer: “HEY! My chips didn’t come off!”

Associate: “That’s because they came off before when I showed you just a couple minutes ago, miss.”

Customer: “I didn’t see them come off!”

Associate: “Right here, this negative sign, miss. Those are your free chips.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Associate: “Yes, miss, I’m positive.”

(The customer pays for her groceries while giving the associate a skeptical look, then leaves.)

Me: “So, does that BOGO thing confuse a lot of people?”

(The associate looks at the sign on my own register that reads ‘Buy One, Get One products will be deducted after you press finish’ and then sighs.)

Associate: “Surprisingly, yes.”

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