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You Know Gender Disparity Is Bad When It Hits The Salon

, , , , | Working | April 11, 2018

(I tell the stylist I want my hair really short and show her a couple photos of the style I want. My hair length is at the middle of my back.)

Stylist: *pointing to the hair washing station* “I need to wet your hair down good, first.”

Me: “Um, no? I want to give it to [hair donation charity], so I just need it cut above the hair elastic. Also, my hair is really thick and it does better when cut dry.”

Stylist: *insistent* “Honey, I need to wet your hair to cut off that much.”

(I sigh as I go sit down, and she proceeds to not only wet my hair but shampoo and condition it, as well, which I know will cost extra.)

Me: “Why are you washing it? I thought you were just wetting it?”

Stylist: *snappily* “I know what I’m doing.”

(I sigh because she’s already started, I’ve got the money to cover the difference, and I’ve had a long day so I don’t feel like arguing. After she finishes, I get into the chair, and she asks me to show her the pictures again. She realizes how much hair I’m cutting off and gives me a surprised look.)

Stylist: “Are you sure, honey?”

Me: *nods* “Yes, I’m sure. I’ve had it cut much shorter than that before.”

Stylist: “Is your husband okay with that?” *to my husband* “Are you okay with her cutting all her hair off like this?”

(My husband ignores her, because he’s playing with our toddler and his stuffed dinosaur.)

Me: “He only came in because the baby doesn’t like waiting in the car.”

Stylist: *louder* “What do you think of her cutting her hair off so short?”

Husband: *glances up* “Eh, whatever. It’s hair. It’ll grow back.”

Stylist: “You might want a picture of it before I cut it all off.”

(He ignores her and she puts my hair in a ponytail, which she then snips off and tries handing to me.)

Me: “Er, I don’t want to hold that. It’s wet.”

(She sighs and lays it on her workstation, then goes back to cutting my hair. As she cuts, she keeps trying to tell my husband he shouldn’t let me cut my hair so short, and asking why he is letting me cut it off so short and why I want my hair so short. My husband ignores her, and I tell her that short hair is easier to maintain. Finally, she finishes and gives me the soggy ponytail, then leads me over to the register to pay.)

Stylist: “Your total is $38 for a wash and cut.”

(I give her my debit card. She runs it and then passes my husband the receipt, which he gives to me. I fill out the tip line and sign the receipt, and we leave.)

Husband: “So, what did you tip her?”

Me: “$2.”

Husband: “Ouch! Why so low?”

Me: “She kept asking you how she should cut my hair; that’s why.”

Husband: “Fair point.”

(I will NOT be going back to that salon. EVER.)

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