Kiss Me, I’m Vietnamese

| Learning | December 6, 2013

(I’m eating dinner with two other teachers. A teacher of Japanese descent is eating sushi, a teacher of Irish descent is eating a Vietnamese sub, and I’m eating pot-stickers with rice. The Irish teacher is surfing on Facebook.)

Irish Teacher: “You know, [Coworker] is on vacation in China. She hasn’t checked in on her Facebook for a while.”

Japanese Teacher: “Oh. You think maybe Facebook is blocked in China?”

Irish Teacher: “Could be, what with all the censorship over there and all.”

Japanese Teacher: *to me* “Do you know? What was it like when you were there?”

Me: “Um, I don’t know. I—”

Japanese Teacher: “Oh, were you born here?”

Me: “Um, no. But I—”

Japanese Teacher: “So what was it like?”

Me: “Um, I’m Korean. I’ve never been to China.”

Japanese Teacher: “Oh! I just thought… because you were eating pot-stickers—”

Me: “Well, then [Irish Teacher] must be Vietnamese, since he’s eating a Vietnamese sub!”

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