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King Of Christmas

, | Friendly | December 31, 2015

(It’s near Christmas and the local rec center is setting up their display for kids, including a large throne for Santa to sit on. They are done setting up for the day when my friends and I arrive to go swimming, and they’ve randomly left the throne off to the side against a wall. While waiting for one friend, another guy randomly sits in the throne while we talk. A little girl, maybe three, comes running up, eyes wide.)

Girl: “Are you a king?”

Friend: *grinning* “Yes. Yes, I am.”

Girl: “Wow!”

(We all chuckle as her mother pulls her away. We talk for a few more minutes while the mother and little girl start to leave. When they’re about 30 feet away, the little girl suddenly turns around again.)

Girl: *waving enthusiastically* “BYE, KING!”

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