Kindsight Is 2×4

| Working | May 6, 2013

(I am a dairy farmer and have just finished work early so I can go to town to buy my new ute (pickup truck). Because of the rush, I am still a bit on the smelly side, but clean.)

Me: “Hey, just wanting to look at a test drive of the new truck over there… the 2×4 diesel.”

Salesman: “Sorry, we don’t serve your kind here.”

Me: “Excuse me? What do you mean, ‘your kind?'”

Salesman: “Idiots like you that are just out for a joyride in a new car. Why don’t you get a job so you can afford to actually buy one?!”

Me: “Well, if that is your attitude, I can take my business elsewhere…”

(At this point, I leave the dealership, and head to another dealership across town where I test drove a new truck. SOLD, with my new wheels, I returned to the first dealer.)

Me: “Big mistake on your part, sir. Looks like you missed a sale.”

Salesman: *jaw drops*

(The next day, I called up the owner of the first dealership and reported the salesman’s behaviour. Looks like this was a common occurrence, and the salesman was fired pretty quickly. Now, due to business increases, I buy from the first dealer, but I get a pretty little discount on all sales. Looks like rudeness does pay off in the end, just not for the rude person!)

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