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Kindness To The Homeless Starts At Home

, , , , , , , | Hopeless | August 19, 2018

This happened a few hours ago and I’m still smiling. I had just finished all my back-to-school shopping for college, and to celebrate, my grandma and I went to go eat at a pizza buffet. We’d been there before. It’s good. The people are nice. The manager is so sweet. You know, all around, a very good environment.

Today, there was a homeless man outside. My grandma gave him a couple dollars and we went inside. Shortly after sitting down to eat, we saw him come inside and sit down, having water but nothing else. Keep in mind that I live in Arizona and the high was 105 today. So, you know, hot.

I was already planning on giving five dollars to him on the way out — here, the pizza buffet is less than $7, so with the $2 my grandma gave him, plus tax, he would be fine — so he could have a bite to eat. Before I could do that, however, a girl came over and brought the man a plate of food and soup.

It didn’t stop there.

She brought him another plate, talking to him the entire time. Then, she also brought him a cup of soda. She was speaking a little louder now so I could hear what she was saying; she kept telling him he could get up and get more food.

This girl was maybe ten at the oldest, and she was being so kind to him. When I saw her go back to the counter, I saw her talking to the manager and it clicked in my mind: they looked a lot alike. The manager told her daughter to make sure the man had something to eat — enough to fill him up.

I see news stories about how the next generation is and sometimes it’s negative, and very hopeless. However, this little girl and her mother were so nice to not only let a homeless person stay inside their restaurant to escape the heat, but then make sure he was able to have some food. Seeing that warmed my heart.

If we have more people like those two leading our future generation, the world will be such a better place. If you’re reading this, either the manager or the daughter, thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. Cheers to you, and I hope you’re rewarded for your caring acts.

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